Horror,Comedy   Thailand

As the class begins at Midnight University, Star, Otaku, Moo, Meuk, Kung, and Fay find themselves enrolled in a mysterious course led by an eccentric professor named Dr. Specter. The class aims to help the lingering spirits graduate from college by fulfilling unfinished goals or resolving unresolved issues that keep them tethered to the university grounds.

Soon, the six students realize that the spirits they are trying to assist are not all friendly. Some have malevolent intentions and are determined to cause chaos within the university. As they delve deeper into their tasks, they uncover a long-buried secret about the university's dark history.

They uncover the existence of an ancient spirit, known as the Shadow Reaper, who was once a powerful sorcerer and students' tormentor in the past. The Shadow Reaper feeds off fear and despair, gaining strength from the souls of those who perished without completing their studies. Determined to break free from his confinement, the Shadow Reaper manipulates the spirits and students alike, orchestrating a plan to take over the university.

In order to stop the Shadow Reaper and quell the growing terror, Star, Otaku, Moo, Meuk, Kung, and Fay must face their own fears and work together to find a way to defeat the malevolent spirit. Along their journey, they uncover hidden talents and form unexpected bonds, learning to embrace their individual strengths.

With the help of Dr. Specter, who reveals himself to be an ancient spirit guardian, the group embarks on a spellbinding adventure, battling through haunted halls, evading deadly traps, and going head-to-head with vengeful spirits. Their courage and determination are put to the ultimate test as they race against time to save themselves, the lingering spirits, and their beloved Midnight University from falling into eternal darkness.

Amidst the terror and chaos, unexpected romances bloom, friendships are forged, and the students learn valuable lessons about life, love, and forgiveness. Their journey becomes a rollercoaster of emotions, merging terror and humor in a unique blend that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Ultimately, the group's unwavering spirit and unity prove crucial in their fight against the Shadow Reaper. Through their bravery and determination, they manage to restore balance to Midnight University, allowing the spirits to finally graduate and find their peace while also saving themselves and the university from their haunting past.

Midnight University becomes a symbol of resilience and triumph, a place where the bonds formed during their ordeal last a lifetime. The six students, forever changed by their experiences, carry the memories of their time at Midnight University, treasuring the friendships and lessons that brought them together.
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