Comedy,Music   Finland,Sweden

Sure! In Leningrad Cowboys Go America, the band embarks on a bizarre and humorous journey through the United States as they encounter various American characters and navigate the challenges of the music industry. Along the way, they struggle to find gigs and make a name for themselves, all while dealing with the eccentricities of their manager and the village idiot who refuses to leave them alone.

As they travel, the Leningrad Cowboys perform their unique brand of rock music, characterized by their signature long hairstyles and pointy shoes. They encounter cultural differences and hilariously awkward situations, showcasing the clash between their Finnish sensibilities and the American way of life.

The film is filled with quirky and memorable moments as the band members and the village idiot navigate the complexities of the American music scene and form unlikely friendships with the people they meet on their journey. Ultimately, as they make their way to the wedding in Mexico, the Leningrad Cowboys learn valuable lessons about life, friendship, and the pursuit of their dreams.
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