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After being revived, Imhotep discovers that his lover, Princess Anck-su-Namun, has been reincarnated as Evy, a librarian who is part of the archaeological expedition. Believing that reuniting with Evy will grant him immortality, Imhotep relentlessly pursues her.

Meanwhile, the expedition's leader, Rick O'Connell, is joined by Evy's brother, Jonathan, and together they attempt to stop Imhotep's pursuit. Along the way, they learn about Imhotep's dark past, including his murder and subsequent punishment for attempting to resurrect Anck-su-Namun using forbidden rituals.

As Imhotep gathers power to bring Anck-su-Namun back to life, the group discovers that the only way to stop him is to find and use the Book of Amun-Ra, an ancient artifact with the power to kill Imhotep. While racing against time, they also face various obstacles, including battling mummified soldiers and escape various ancient booby traps guarding the Book of Amun-Ra.

As the final battle between Imhotep and the heroes ensues, Evy learns that she is the key to Imhotep's plan, as she possesses the knowledge to read the Book of the Dead. With her life in danger, Evy bravely confronts Imhotep and manages to read from the sacred book, but instead of resurrecting Anck-su-Namun, she recites a curse that strips Imhotep of his immortality.

In the climax, Imhotep is defeated, turning into dust, and the heroes barely manage to escape the crumbling ruins. As they exit, Evy and Rick's growing romantic feelings are solidified, and they leave with the knowledge that they have successfully stopped Imhotep's reign of terror.

The Mummy ends with the group celebrating their victory, but it hints at the possibility of further adventures, while also leaving room for potential sequels.
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