Thriller,Horror   South Korea

After Joo-yeon's brutal murder, her fiance, Soo-hyun, embarks on a relentless pursuit to find her killer, Kyung-chul. Soo-hyun, who is a highly skilled secret agent, goes beyond seeking justice by deciding to inflict punishment on Kyung-chul himself.

Soo-hyun begins his quest by relentlessly stalking and attacking Kyung-chul, but instead of killing him, he injures him and lets him escape to continue his reign of terror. Soo-hyun's intention is to make Kyung-chul experience immense suffering for his crimes, just as Joo-yeon did.

As the cat-and-mouse game continues, Kyung-chul begins to suspect that he is being hunted by a seasoned hunter and becomes increasingly paranoid. He also realizes that Soo-hyun is intentionally prolonging his agony, making him suffer physically, emotionally, and mentally. This realization drives Kyung-chul to become increasingly desperate and dangerous.

Throughout the film, Soo-hyun walks a fine line between seeking vengeance and becoming consumed by his own darkness. The boundary between the hunter and the hunted becomes blurred as Soo-hyun becomes more ruthless and morally compromised in his pursuit. He even allies with gang members and delves into the underworld to gain more advantage over Kyung-chul.

The plot takes various twists and turns as both Kyung-chul and Soo-hyun continuously outwit each other. The film explores themes of revenge, morality, and the consequences of crossing ethical boundaries in the pursuit of justice. The audience is exposed to intense and graphic scenes as the narrative progresses, showcasing the depravity and brutality of Kyung-chul's actions.

Ultimately, I Saw the Devil paints a dark and disturbing portrayal of the depths one can sink to when driven by vengeance and the blurred lines between humanity and monstrosity.
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