Drama   Australia

Sure, here are more plot details for the movie "Hearts and Bones":

The photojournalist, named Dan, is struggling with PTSD from the horrific scenes he witnessed in Africa while on assignment. He returns to his home in Sydney, Australia, where he is about to become a father. However, he finds it difficult to adjust to civilian life and is haunted by the memories of war and violence.

Meanwhile, a Sudanese refugee named Sebastian has built a new life for himself in Australia. He has a wife and child, and is working hard to make a better future for his family. However, his world is turned upside down when he sees a photograph taken by Dan, which captures a tragic and personal moment from their past in Africa. The photograph threatens to expose Sebastian's hidden past and destroy the new life he has built for himself.

When Dan and Sebastian are reunited by these nightmare events from the past, they are forced to confront the demons that have been haunting them. As they grapple with their shared history and the consequences of their actions, they must find a way to reconcile their pasts and move forward. Together, they navigate the complexities of guilt, trauma, and forgiveness, finding a way to heal and find redemption. It's a powerful and emotional story about the impact of war and the power of human connection.
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