Drama   United States of America

4 Minute Mile revolves around a high school student named Drew, who comes from a broken home and struggles with a troubled past. Despite facing numerous obstacles, including an abusive and drug-addicted older brother, financial struggles, and a lack of support from his mother, Drew discovers a natural talent for running.

When his high school coach, Coleman, recognizes Drew's talent and potential, he encourages him to pursue his passion for running and trains him for a 4-minute mile race. Drew's determination and hard work lead to a transformation as he learns to believe in himself and discovers his own inner strength.

Throughout the film, Drew also develops a close friendship with his neighbor, an ex-track coach named Lev, who becomes a mentor and father figure to him. With Lev's guidance and support, Drew finds the courage to confront and overcome the challenges in his life, ultimately leading to his success in the 4-minute mile race.

The movie is a story of resilience, perseverance, and the power of belief in oneself, as Drew defies the odds and achieves a significant personal victory on the track.
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