Thriller,Crime,Mystery   United States of America

The movie Awake follows the story of successful businessman Clayton "Clay" Beresford Jr., who goes in for a routine heart surgery. However, due to a rare occurrence known as anesthetic awareness, Clay finds himself fully conscious and aware but unable to move or communicate during the operation. Although Clay initially panics, he soon learns to adapt to his paralyzed state and tries to figure out a way to communicate his predicament to the doctors.

Meanwhile, Clay's wife, Samantha, is left in the waiting room, unaware of her husband's unfortunate situation. As the surgery progresses, she undergoes her own personal turmoil. Samantha struggles with her past failures and insecurities, including a history of drug addiction. Throughout the film, her story is interwoven with Clay's experience, painting a picture of two individuals dealing with their own internal conflicts.

As Clay desperately tries to communicate with the medical team, he uncovers a shocking conspiracy within the hospital. It becomes apparent that someone intentionally paralyzed him during the surgery, raising questions about the motives behind such a sinister act. With time running out and his life at stake, Clay must find a way to expose the truth and save himself.

Meanwhile, Samantha is approached by a mysterious figure who claims to have crucial information about Clay's condition. Torn between her desire to help her husband and her fears of returning to her troubled past, she must decide whether to trust this stranger and embark on her own journey to uncover the truth.

As the movie reaches its climax, Clay's attempts at communication intensify, leading to unexpected twists and turns. Samantha, fueled by her determination and newfound strength, follows the clues she has gathered and unravels the conspiracy surrounding her husband's surgery. In a race against time, she must confront the culprits and fight for justice, all while grappling with her own demons.

Ultimately, Awake explores themes of resilience, trust, and the power of the human spirit in the face of adversity. It showcases the strength and determination of both Clay and Samantha as they navigate through their harrowing situations, highlighting the depths people can go to save the ones they love.
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