Family,Animation   United States of America

As Snoopy arrives at the hospital, he is greeted warmly by Lila who is overjoyed to see him again. She explains to Snoopy that she has been very ill and that having him back in her life will bring her comfort and happiness. Snoopy, torn between his loyalty to Charlie Brown and his desire to make Lila happy, struggles to make a decision.

Meanwhile, Charlie Brown and the gang, worried about Snoopy's whereabouts, embark on a search for their beloved beagle. They encounter various challenges and obstacles along the way, including misdirection from Snoopy's bird friend Woodstock, who is determined to help Snoopy reunite with Lila.

As Snoopy spends more time with Lila at the hospital, he starts to feel a deep connection with her and begins to understand the importance of friendship and loyalty. However, he also misses his friends at home and starts to feel conflicted about leaving them behind.

In the end, Snoopy must make a difficult decision about where he truly belongs. Will he choose to stay with Lila and bring her joy in her time of need, or will he return to Charlie Brown and the gang and continue the adventures and memories they share together? The film ultimately explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the importance of following one's heart.
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