Adventure,Action,Thriller   United Kingdom,United States of America

In the movie "For Your Eyes Only," James Bond is sent on a mission to recover a top-secret encryption device, known as the ATAC, from a sunken British spy ship. The device holds the key to launching nuclear missiles and must not fall into the hands of the Soviets. Bond teams up with Melina Havelock, the daughter of the ship's murdered marine archaeologist, and the two set out to locate the wreckage and retrieve the device before the Soviets can get to it.

During their mission, Bond encounters numerous obstacles and adversaries, including a vengeful Greek businessman named Kristatos, who is working with the Soviets to obtain the device. Bond also faces off against menacing henchmen, including the ruthless henchman Locque and the formidable assassin, Hector Gonzales.

As Bond and Melina navigate the treacherous waters of the Mediterranean and face off against dangerous adversaries, they must use all of their skills and resourcefulness to outmaneuver their enemies and retrieve the ATAC before it's too late. With high-stakes action and suspenseful twists, "For Your Eyes Only" showcases Bond's daring and determination as he races against time to protect British national security from falling into the wrong hands.
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