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After the initial rejection from Alexis, Matt spirals into despair and devotes himself to studying romantic comedies in an attempt to understand what went wrong. He becomes obsessed with the idea of recreating the perfect rom-com moment to win Alexis back.

With the help of his best friend, Liz, who reluctantly agrees to be his wingman, Matt begins executing his plan. He starts by recreating iconic romantic scenes from various films, including a serenade outside Alexis's window and a grand gesture at a restaurant.

While Liz initially doubts the effectiveness of Matt's plan, she soon finds herself caught up in the excitement and starts to believe that it might actually work. As they continue their mission, the two friends start to bond even more, realizing that they have a strong connection and compatibility.

Meanwhile, Matt and Alexis continue to spend time together, but Matt slowly begins to realize that he may have been chasing an illusion of love. He starts noticing the genuine, heartfelt moments that he and Liz share, and begins to question his feelings for Alexis.

As the climax of their plan approaches, Matt finds himself torn between his long-term girlfriend Alexis and his growing feelings for Liz. Feeling conflicted, he decides to confront Alexis about his true emotions and the realization that he may have been living in a fantasy.

In a heartfelt conversation, Matt expresses his doubts to Alexis, explaining that his love for her was more about the idea of being in love than a genuine connection. Realizing that they have indeed grown apart, the two amicably break up, acknowledging that it is for the best.

In a twist of fate, Matt finally realizes that Liz has been his perfect match all along. They confess their feelings for each other, and the movie ends with them embracing their new relationship, built on authentic love and compatibility rather than the superficial ideals portrayed in romantic comedies.

Hopeless Romantic explores the theme of self-discovery and the difference between fantasy and reality when it comes to love. It ultimately emphasizes the importance of genuine connection and choosing a partner who truly understands and accepts you for who you are.
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