Drama,Romance   Brazil

Jasmine, a high school student, is struggling with math, the subject she hates the most. As her grades start to plummet, her parents enroll her in booster classes with a young and attractive tutor who is passionate about numbers. Despite her initial reluctance, Jasmine begins to see improvement in her math skills with the help of her tutor.

As Jasmine spends more time with her tutor, she starts to develop feelings for him. However, their budding romance is complicated by the fact that Jasmine's parents have high expectations for her academic success and future career.

Meanwhile, Jasmine's true passion lies in art, but she has always been too afraid to pursue her dreams. With the support of her friends and newfound love interest, Jasmine begins to find the courage to follow her heart and pursue a career as an artist.

Throughout the film, Jasmine faces various challenges and obstacles as she navigates love, family expectations, and her own insecurities. Ultimately, she learns to overcome her fears and limitations to chase after her true dream of becoming an artist.
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