N/A   India

Krishna, played by Darshan, is a highly respected and hardworking individual in his village, known for his traditional oil extraction methods. His life takes a turn when a powerful and influential business tycoon, Devi Shetty, played by Ananth Nag, enters the scene. Devi Shetty claims the rights to the land where Krishna and his community carry out their traditional extraction methods, and this leads to a conflict between the two.

As the story unfolds, Krishna is faced with the challenge of standing up against Devi Shetty to reclaim what rightfully belongs to his community. He becomes a symbol of resistance and fights against the powerful forces that are trying to take over their land.

Amidst this struggle for justice, a love story also unfolds between Krishna and Ganga, played by Rashmika Mandanna, adding an emotional layer to the narrative.

The film delves into themes of power, tradition, and the fight for justice, showcasing the resilience and determination of the protagonist in the face of adversity. As the story progresses, it keeps the audience on edge, wondering who will emerge as the true "Yajamana" or leader, and how Krishna will navigate the challenges confronting him and his community.
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