Drama,Comedy   Canada

Portraits from a Fire follows the story of Jake, a 16-year-old Indigenous boy who struggles with his identity and beliefs as he uncovers a dark family secret. After the sudden death of his grandfather, Jake begins to experience strange and disturbing visions that distort his perception of reality.

As he delves deeper into his family's past, Jake discovers that his grandfather was involved in a decades-old crime that has haunted his family for years. As the truth comes to light, Jake must come to terms with the impact of this revelation on his own identity and sense of self.

With the help of his best friend and a local Indigenous elder, Jake navigates through the challenges of his past and present, ultimately finding strength and resilience in his cultural heritage. As he learns to confront the shadows of the past and embrace his true self, Jake emerges from the darkness with a newfound sense of purpose and understanding of his place in the world.
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