Drama   Canada

As the Ukrainian farmer named Ivan mourns the loss of his wife, he becomes consumed by guilt and grief. Living alone on his farm in Alberta, Canada, he withdraws from the world and finds solace in his memories. However, his emotional state takes a disturbing turn when he starts experiencing mysterious and inexplicable events.

As Ivan confronts his traumatic past, he begins to relive memories of his childhood in Ukraine. These flashbacks reveal deeply buried secrets and painful incidents that have haunted him for years. The events he witnessed as a child during wartime, the loss of loved ones, and the burdens he carried resurface, overwhelming him with guilt and sorrow.

Haunted by these disturbing experiences, Ivan starts to question his reality. He often finds himself trapped between the past and the present, unable to distinguish between what is real and what is a figment of his imagination. The boundary between the two worlds blurs, fueling his despair and confusion.

As the movie progresses, Ivan's journey becomes increasingly intense and surreal. Each flashback seems to hold a clue or a piece of the puzzle that he must decipher to understand the purpose of these haunting memories and their connection to his present circumstances.

With the help of a kind-hearted neighbor and his own determination, Ivan embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind these mysterious forces. Along the way, he encounters other individuals who have been affected by similar inexplicable events, each with their own unique stories and perspectives.

Together, they slowly unravel the tangled web of secrets that link their pasts and present realities. As Ivan delves deeper into his own history and confronts the guilt he has carried for so long, he discovers that forgiveness, healing, and redemption are possible even in the face of unimaginable loss and trauma.

"They Who Surround Us" explores themes of grief, guilt, and the power of memory. It portrays the human struggle to come to terms with the past and find a sense of closure and peace. Through Ivan's journey, the movie asks profound questions about the nature of reality, the permeability of time, and the ways in which our pasts continue to shape our present lives.
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