Documentary   France

The film follows a man named Sandor Krasna, a world traveler and filmmaker, who sends letters to a woman named only as "she" or "you". In these letters, he reflects on his experiences in various countries, blending his own memories and observations with those of others he has encountered in his travels.

Through a series of interconnected vignettes and snippets of footage from his journeys, the film explores themes of time, memory, and the nature of human experience. It delves into the idea of how our perceptions of the world and our memories shape our understanding of reality, and how these perceptions are filtered through the lens of the camera.

The film is a visual poem that takes the viewer on a journey through different cultures and landscapes, capturing the beauty and complexity of the world through Sandor's eyes. Ultimately, Sans Soleil is a meditation on the passage of time and the fleeting nature of memory, as well as a tribute to the power of images and words to provoke thought and emotion.
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