TV Movie,Fantasy,Animation,Action,Thriller,Science Fiction,Horror   United States of America

In the animated movie Hellboy: Sword of Storms, the folklore professor, Dr. Kate Corrigan, is conducting research on ancient Japanese folklore. While studying a scroll known as the Sword of Storms, she unknowingly becomes possessed by two powerful demons, Thunder and Lightning. As Thunder and Lightning take control of her body, they plan to wreak havoc upon the world.

However, The Bureau of Paranormal Research & Defense (B.P.R.D.), an organization specializing in supernatural occurrences, learns about Dr. Corrigan's possession and dispatches a team of agents to investigate. Among them is Hellboy, a supernatural being himself who works as a paranormal investigator for the B.P.R.D.

As Hellboy, along with his comrades, pyrokinetic Liz Sherman and aquatic creature Abe Sapien, arrives at the scene, they discover the extent of the supernatural threat. Realizing that the curse of the Sword of Storms has transported Hellboy to a different dimension, filled with ghosts, monsters, and feudal chaos, they now face the challenge of rescuing their friend and stopping Thunder and Lightning's rampage.

Meanwhile, Liz and Abe confront a furious dragon, engaging in a fierce battle to protect innocent lives. Additionally, Hellboy finds himself lost and disoriented in the supernatural dimension, encountering various otherworldly creatures, both dangerous and peculiar, as he seeks a way to return home.

As the B.P.R.D. agents fight their way through this perilous realm, they uncover the history and backstories of Thunder and Lightning, realizing their ancient ties to Japanese folklore and the deeper significance of the Sword of Storms. Along their journey, they also learn more about Hellboy's true nature and the powers he possesses.

With time running out and the world's safety at stake, the team must find a way to reunite Hellboy with his comrades and stop Thunder and Lightning's destructive intentions. Combining their unique abilities and working together, they ultimately strive to restore balance, vanquish the ancient demons, and bring Hellboy back to his own dimension.
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