Action,Crime,Thriller   Indonesia

After successfully surviving the events of the first film, "The Raid: Redemption," Rama is recruited by an honest police officer named Bunawar to go undercover and infiltrate a prominent Jakarta crime syndicate. Rama agrees, as he hopes to expose the corruption within his own police force and protect his family from further harm.

Assuming the identity of "Yuda," Rama begins his undercover mission in prison, where he befriends Uco, the ambitious son of crime lord Bangun. Uco introduces Rama to a life of crime, and Rama quickly rises in the ranks of the syndicate as a trusted member. Along the way, he gains the trust of Bangun and his right-hand man, Eka.

While Rama tries to gather evidence against corrupt police officials, he is caught in the middle of a brutal gang war between Bangun's organization and a rival Japanese crime boss, Goto. As the violence and tension escalate, Rama becomes deeply entangled in the dangerous web of mafia politics.

Using his exceptional combat skills, Rama becomes an indispensable asset to the syndicate. However, he also becomes a target for both sides, as his true identity and motives become increasingly difficult to hide. As the body count rises and the violence intensifies, Rama finds himself torn between loyalty to his family, his sense of justice, and the pressure from both the police and the criminal underworld.

With incredible action sequences and jaw-dropping fight scenes, Rama engages in merciless battles against a variety of skilled adversaries, including Hammer Girl, Baseball Bat Man, and other enemies who are fiercely loyal to Goto. All the while, Rama must navigate a treacherous world of betrayal, double-crossing, and shifting allegiances in his quest to uncover the corruption within the police force and protect his loved ones.

In a climactic climax, Rama must face off against countless adversaries in a final showdown, where his true identity will be revealed and his convictions tested to the limit. Will he succeed in exposing the corruption and come out alive, or will he pay the ultimate price for his undercover mission?
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