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In the documentary film, Get Bruce!, viewers are taken on a heartwarming journey into the life and career of Bruce Vilanch, a highly acclaimed writer who specializes in creating material for celebrities during their public appearances.

The film begins by introducing the audience to Bruce's childhood through a series of photos and interviews with his mother. They paint a picture of a young boy with a love for performing and a natural talent for making people laugh. As Bruce grows older, he moves to Chicago, where he begins writing for the prestigious Chicago Tribune.

However, Bruce's dreams and ambitions eventually lead him to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. He relocates to the West Coast and finds immense success in writing for countless Hollywood stars. Throughout the film, celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, and Bette Midler share their experiences of working with Bruce and praise his immense talent and wit.

The documentary also covers various events where Bruce plays a pivotal role in helping celebrities prepare for their appearances. For instance, he assists in planning Liz Taylor's 60th birthday celebration, where he utilizes his expertise to ensure a memorable and entertaining event. Bruce also takes part in organizing Bill Clinton's 50th birthday celebration, showcasing his ability to tailor his writing to suit different personalities and occasions.

In addition to his impressive career, Get Bruce! delves into Bruce's personal life and highlights his involvement in supporting AIDS-related causes. It showcases an AIDS awards banquet where Bruce's emotions shine through, demonstrating his deep compassion and dedication to making a positive impact.

Overall, the film serves as an affectionate tribute to Bruce Vilanch, celebrating his incredible wit, talent, and his profound impact on countless celebrities and significant events. It offers a heartfelt glimpse into the life of a man who has dedicated his career to bringing joy and laughter to others through his writing.
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