Thriller,Crime,Drama,Mystery   Philippines

In the movie Rigodon, the heartbroken young woman named Sarah is dealing with the aftermath of a failed relationship. She meets a struggling artist named Riki at a gallery, and they form a deep connection. Their shared love for art and Sarah's vulnerability draw them closer, eventually leading to a passionate and sexually charged relationship.

However, as their relationship blossoms, Sarah remains unaware that Riki is already married to Joy, a woman who is often occupied with her own pursuits outside of their marriage. Riki hides this crucial detail from Sarah, fearing that it would destroy their connection.

Sarah's love for Riki grows stronger, which soon turns into an unhealthy obsession. She becomes possessive and consumed by jealousy, desperate to keep Riki all to herself, oblivious to the fact that he is leading a double life. As the truth unfolds, the revelation of Riki's marital status devastates Sarah, shattering her heart once again.

Amidst the emotional chaos, the lives of Sarah, Riki, and Joy intertwine, leading them down a dark path of pain, betrayal, and emotional turmoil. Sarah's obsession turns into vengeance, and she sets out to punish both Riki and Joy for the lies and deceit that have plagued their lives.

Rigodon delves into the complexities of love, passion, and obsession, exploring the destructive power it holds over individuals. It provides an intense portrayal of the consequences that arise when secrets are kept and hearts are broken, ultimately leaving the characters to face the harsh realities of their choices and the irreversible damage caused by their actions.
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