History,Drama   Czechoslovakia

The priest arrives in the small town and immediately begins to investigate the miller and his son. He questions the townspeople and uncovers rumors and superstitions about the family. The miller and his son are deeply respected in the town, known for their hard work and generosity, but the priest is convinced that their abilities are signs of witchcraft.

As the investigation progresses, the priest becomes increasingly obsessed with proving the miller's guilt. He starts to manipulate and threaten the townspeople, who begin to turn against the miller and his son. The tension in the town builds as the priest's influence grows, and the miller and his son are faced with mounting pressure and hostility.

Meanwhile, the miller's son begins to uncover dark secrets about the town's history and the true cause of the ancestral home's fire. He realizes that the priest's mission is not just about the miller, but about an ancient vendetta that has targeted their family for generations.

As the miller and his son fight to clear their names, they must also confront the darkness that has plagued their family for centuries. The priest's relentless pursuit threatens to destroy everything they hold dear, and they must use all of their wits and knowledge to survive the Inquisition's wrath and bring the truth to light.

In a nail-biting climax, the miller and his son confront the priest and reveal the true nature of their abilities and the tragic history of their family. In a final showdown, the town's fate hangs in the balance as the truth is laid bare and the Devil's trap is finally broken.
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