Drama,Comedy   Germany

"Farewell" is a heartwarming and comedic journey of Hella, a free-spirited and vivacious woman, who finds herself living in a boarding house filled with colorful characters. As she navigates her life in this unique community, Hella embarks on a series of romantic adventures that shape her path towards happiness.

Throughout the film, Hella encounters a range of intriguing suitors, each with their own quirks and charms. From a lively artist who sweeps her off her feet with his passion for life, to a charming musician who serenades her with romantic melodies, Hella enjoys the excitement and spontaneity of these relationships. As she immerses herself in these romances, Hella learns more about herself, her desires, and what truly matters in a partner.

During her journey, Hella meets Winkler, a warm-hearted and genuine vacuum cleaner salesman who becomes a close friend. Over time, Hella begins to realize that Winkler possesses the qualities she has been searching for in a companion. Despite their differences, a deep connection and love quickly blossoms between them.

However, their relationship faces challenges and obstacles along the way. Hella must confront her own fears and insecurities while also dealing with the opinions and expectations of those around her. Through heartfelt conversations and moments of vulnerability, Hella and Winkler navigate the complexities of their evolving romance, striving to build a lasting and meaningful partnership.

As the story unfolds, "Farewell" showcases the ups and downs of Hella's romantic journey, highlighting the importance of self-discovery, personal growth, and finding true love in unexpected places. Ultimately, Hella learns that sometimes the most significant adventures and deepest connections can be found right at home, guided by the unwavering support and love of those who truly care.
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