Comedy   China,South Korea

In the movie "20 Once Again," the story revolves around an aging grandmother named Shen Meng Jun, who feels disheartened as she turns seventy. She longs to relive her youthful days and regain her physical appearance from her prime years. One day, she discovers an old photo studio that specializes in transforming people's age through photography.

Intrigued by the idea, Meng Jun decides to give it a try. To her astonishment, the photographer manages to take her back in time to her twenties, completely restoring her youthful appearance. Overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm, Meng Jun realizes she has been given a second chance at life.

As Meng Jun re-emerges as a young woman, she catches the attention of her grandson, Zheng Da, and his bandmates. Zheng Da, being unaware of her true identity, approaches her with an invitation to join their band as the lead singer. Initially hesitant, Meng Jun reluctantly agrees to join them and embarks on a musical journey filled with rediscovery and nostalgia.

As they spend more time together, Meng Jun's charismatic personality and exceptional singing talent captivate not only the band but also Zheng Da's best friend, Li Yi. Li Yi soon becomes infatuated with Meng Jun, unaware of her actual age. This love triangle engenders both humor and heartwarming moments throughout the storyline.

While Meng Jun enjoys her newfound youth and blossoming romance, she is always reminded of her true age and the responsibilities that come with it. She tries to balance her youthful desires with taking care of her grandson, realizing that her time in this new phase is limited.

As the story progresses, Meng Jun's secret is revealed to both Zheng Da and Li Yi, leading to a period of disbelief and confusion initially. However, they soon come to appreciate her youthful spirit and talent, ultimately embracing her for who she is.

"20 Once Again" explores the themes of self-discovery, the value of family bonds, and the importance of cherishing every stage of life. It weaves together humor, romance, and a touch of fantasy to create an uplifting and heartwarming tale of a grandmother's rejuvenation and the impact she has on those around her.
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