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In the mockumentary film, Confetti, the plot revolves around three eccentric, soon-to-be-wed couples who are selected to compete in a national competition to win the title of "Most Original Wedding of the Year." Each couple brings their unique personalities and creative ideas as they attempt to outshine one another and secure the highly-coveted prize.

The first couple, Matt and Sam, are naturists who plan to have a completely nude wedding. They believe that showcasing their commitment in the most natural state possible will set them apart from the other couples. However, their plan faces various obstacles as they struggle to convince their families and friends to participate in their unconventional wedding.

The second couple, Josef and Isabelle, are serious tennis enthusiasts. They decide to incorporate their shared passion for the sport by organizing a tennis-themed wedding. Their dream is to have their wedding ceremony take place on a tennis court, exchanging vows while serving and volleying tennis balls. Their competitive nature spills over into the planning process as they become overwhelmed with perfecting every aspect of their tennis wedding.

The third couple, Michael and Joanna, are determined to have a Hollywood-style musical wedding. They aim to recreate classic musical sequences and envision their special day as a grand production. They assemble a talented cast of friends and family members to rehearse elaborate dance routines and musical performances, with the hopes of creating a memorable and show-stopping event.

As the couples prepare for their weddings, tensions rise, conflicts arise, and chaotic moments ensue. The filmmakers document the humorous and sometimes absurd events that transpire during the planning process, including mishaps with suppliers, disagreements with family members, and unforeseen obstacles that test the couples' relationships and perseverance.

Throughout the film, the audience is treated to hilarious and heartwarming moments as each couple learns valuable lessons about love, compromise, and the true meaning of their wedding day. Ultimately, Confetti showcases the importance of embracing individuality and celebrating love in all its quirky forms.
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