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"Stealing Sinatra" is a 2003 American crime comedy-drama film based on a remarkable true story. The movie follows the events surrounding the audacious kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr., the son of legendary singer Frank Sinatra, in 1963.

The film revolves around a young man named Barry Keenan, who finds himself in desperate need of a "grubstake," which refers to the money needed to start a business venture. In his desperation to obtain this money, Barry concocts a reckless and ambitious plan to kidnap the famous singer's son, Frank Sinatra Jr., then 19 years old.

To execute his scheme, Barry convinces a couple of his friends, Johnny Irwin and Joe Amsler, to assist him. Despite their initial skepticism, Johnny and Joe eventually agree to participate in the kidnapping in hopes of gaining a substantial ransom from Frank Sinatra and solving their own financial problems.

The trio meticulously plans the abduction, opting to carry it out at the Harrah's Lake Tahoe resort. As they manage to successfully capture Frank Jr., the three kidnappers suddenly find themselves way over their heads, facing unanticipated challenges and an increasing sense of paranoia.

At the same time, Frank Sinatra Sr. discovers the disturbing news of his son's kidnapping and becomes determined to bring him back safely at any cost. The incident quickly turns into a high-profile media frenzy, with reporters and law enforcement heavily involved.

As the story unfolds, the kidnappers and their captive embark on a turbulent journey, facing a variety of challenges including personal conflicts, law enforcement investigations, and the sheer pressure of holding someone of such prominence hostage.

Through thrilling and often comical moments, "Stealing Sinatra" explores the consequences and aftermath of an audacious crime committed against a famous figure, shedding light on the complexities of human motives and the unforeseen consequences of reckless actions.
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