Fantasy,Action,Comedy   Hong Kong

As Ning and Autumn continue to stay in the abandoned villa, they discover that it has a dark history. The villa was once the residence of a powerful sorcerer who practiced black magic and used the souls of innocent people to fuel his powers. This dark energy still lingers in the villa, attracting both human and supernatural beings.

Ning, unable to shake off his longing for his lost love Nieh, becomes increasingly convinced that the woman he saw among the disguised humans is indeed Nieh's reincarnation. He becomes determined to find out the truth and reunite with her. However, Autumn warns Ning to exercise caution as their lives could be in danger.

Meanwhile, the real giant zombie, under the control of the sorcerer's spirit, prepares to attack Ning and Autumn. It is revealed that the sorcerer's spirit wants to capture Ning and use his body as a vessel to regain his powers. The villain hopes to achieve everlasting life and ultimate power by merging his dark magic with Ning's vitality.

As the plot thickens, Ning and Autumn team up with the disguised humans to uncover the truth behind Nieh's reincarnation and the sorcerer's evil plans. They dig deeper into the villa's dark past, facing numerous challenges, traps, and supernatural encounters along the way.

In their quest for the truth, Ning and Autumn discover that the sorcerer's spirit has been manipulating events from the shadows. They realize that the sorcerer's spirit possesses the ability to shape-shift, explaining the existence of the Nieh doppelganger among the disguised humans.

With the help of Elder Chu Kot, who has extensive knowledge about ancient sorcery, Ning and Autumn develop a plan to defeat the sorcerer's spirit and put an end to its malevolent reign. They gather their newfound allies and engage in a climactic battle against the sorcerer's powerful magic and his army of undead creatures.

As the battle rages on, Ning is finally able to confront the sorcerer's spirit face to face. Nieh's reincarnation also plays a crucial role, utilizing her own latent powers to aid Ning and Autumn in their fight. With a combination of bravery, strategy, and the strength of their bond, Ning and Autumn succeed in defeating the sorcerer's spirit and freeing the villa from its dark curse.

The movie ends on a bittersweet note as Ning bids farewell to Nieh's reincarnation, knowing that they can never be together. As he continues his journey, Ning cherishes the memories he had with Nieh, thankful for the experiences and friendships he acquired along the way.
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