TV Movie,Thriller   Canada

Sure! As the training intensifies, Alison becomes increasingly dependent on Dr. Stevens, who uses manipulative tactics to isolate Alison from her family and friends. As Alison's daughter starts to notice the changes in her mother, she becomes suspicious of Dr. Stevens' intentions and begins to investigate.

Meanwhile, Alison's husband, who initially supported her training, becomes concerned about the toll it's taking on their family. He confronts Dr. Stevens, but she convinces him that Alison's dedication to the program is crucial for her success. However, as Alison's physical and mental health deteriorates, it becomes clear that Dr. Stevens' methods are far more sinister than originally thought.

As the truth about Dr. Stevens' true intentions comes to light, Alison's daughter and husband must work together to rescue her from the dangerous web that Dr. Stevens has woven around her. The movie culminates in a thrilling and suspenseful climax as they race against time to save Alison from falling victim to Dr. Stevens' disturbing psychological trap.
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