Crime,Drama,Thriller   United States of America

As the trio of petty thieves, Dova, Milo, and Law, find themselves trapped in the basement bar along with the five hostages - Janet, Dino, Milo's sister Lawanda, Danny, and the bartender Jack, tensions rise. The police, led by Detective G. D. Browning, surround the bar and attempt to negotiate with the criminals, unaware of their actual identities.

Inside the bar, Dova takes charge and decides to use the hostages as leverage to negotiate their escape. As the situation becomes more tense, Janet, a strong-willed and observant hostage, starts to piece together clues that the thieves might not be as dangerous as the police believe. She suspects they are just ordinary criminals who stumbled into the wrong place at the wrong time.

As the night progresses, the relationship dynamics between the hostages and thieves start to shift. Janet, using her intelligence and acting skills, starts manipulating the thieves to gain their trust and convince them to release the hostages. At the same time, Dova's leadership begins to crumble, and he becomes increasingly volatile and unpredictable.

Outside the bar, Detective Browning becomes obsessed with capturing the three alleged major criminals, determined to prove himself as a successful cop. Browning's superior, Guttman, continually pressurizes him to take decisive action, which increases the tension between Browning and the hostages' lives inside.

The movie further delves into the past and motivations of the characters, revealing that each of them has their own secrets and reasons for being in the bar that night. These revelations add depth to their interactions, blurring the line between the captors and hostages.

In a surprising turn of events, Law, one of the thieves, reveals that he suffers from a fatal illness. This revelation changes the dynamics between the thieves and hostages, as they start to question their previous assumptions and reassess their choices. Tensions reach a boiling point as the police prepare to storm the bar, increasing the urgency to resolve the situation peacefully.

In a final act of desperation, Janet convinces Dova to release the hostages, promising to help them escape together. As they step outside the bar, surrounded by flashing police lights, Janet's performance as one of the thieves crumbles, revealing her true identity as an undercover police officer.

The movie concludes with Janet's sacrifice, as she distracts the police, allowing the thieves to escape into the night. The film ends with the remaining characters reflecting on the events of the night, questioning their own choices, and the blurred lines between good and bad in a world full of grey.
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