Comedy,Family   Ghana

In the movie Keteke, Atswei and Boi, a young couple living in a rural Ghanaian village, are excitedly preparing for the arrival of their first child. As Atswei's due date approaches, they realize that they need to travel to the city of Ateke in order to have access to better healthcare facilities for the delivery.

Their only means of reaching Ateke is by taking the morning train. However, due to a series of comedic mishaps and unforeseen circumstances, Atswei and Boi miss the train and find themselves stranded in the scorching heat with no transportation options available. They are left with no choice but to make the arduous journey to Ateke on foot.

With Atswei heavily pregnant and their hopes of a smooth delivery hanging in the balance, the couple embarks on a madcap adventure filled with obstacles, humorous encounters, and unexpected twists. Along the way, they encounter eccentric villagers, peculiar traditions, and colorful characters who add to the chaotic and lighthearted atmosphere.

As the hours tick by, Atswei's contractions intensify, adding an additional sense of urgency to their journey. Boi, armed with his trusty boombox, provides encouragement and entertainment to keep their spirits high amidst the challenges they face. They navigate through unfamiliar terrain, face comical misunderstandings, and even get entangled in a local festival celebration.

Throughout their journey, Keteke provides wry and affectionate nods to Ghanaian traditions and gender dynamics. It explores the resilience, resourcefulness, and determination of the couple as they overcome various obstacles in their quest to safely deliver their baby in Ateke. Will they reach their destination in time? Will they find help along the way? Keteke takes audiences on a vibrant and hilarious adventure, capturing the essence of rural Ghana in the 1980s.
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