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In the movie "Injustice," after the tragic death of Lois Lane, Superman is consumed by grief and anger, causing him to lose his grip on reality. Blaming humanity for the loss, he decides to become Earth's dictator, using his immense power to enforce his own version of justice. This unhinged version of Superman establishes an oppressive regime, taking control of governments and eliminating any resistance.

Witnessing Superman's descent into darkness, Batman recognizes the immense threat he poses to the world. Determined to stop him, Batman realizes that he cannot face Superman alone. He sets out on a mission to assemble a team of heroes who share his belief in freedom and justice. This group, consisting of both iconic and lesser-known heroes, becomes known as the resistance.

As the world reacts to Superman's tyrannical rule, the resistance, led by Batman, plans strategic strikes against Superman's regime. They engage in guerrilla warfare, targeting key installations, freeing captured heroes and civilians, and spreading a message of hope to rally the people.

However, the resistance faces significant challenges, both internally and externally. Not everyone agrees with Batman's confrontational approach, and there are divisions within the team about the appropriate methods to stop Superman. Additionally, Superman's loyal allies, including Wonder Woman, are unwilling to see his tyranny for what it is, opposing the resistance at every turn.

The movie delves into the complex moral and ethical dilemmas faced by the heroes. They are confronted with difficult choices and are forced to navigate the blurred line between right and wrong as they fight against their former ally, Superman. Can they maintain their principles while engaging in an all-out war against an all-powerful being?

Meanwhile, with the world on the brink of destruction, a new threat looms. A supervillain organization, taking advantage of the chaos, seeks to seize power and further destabilize the planet. The resistance must not only face Superman's forces but also overcome this new menace to ensure the survival of Earth.

As the conflict escalates and the casualties mount, the movie explores themes of sacrifice, redemption, and the true price of power. Ultimately, it questions whether the world can survive when the very heroes sworn to protect it go to war.
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