Drama,Crime,Thriller   United States of America

In the movie Each Dawn I Die, the corrupt District Attorney (D.A.), named Martin Bellows, is desperate to maintain his flawless public image as he plans to run for governor. However, an investigative reporter named Frank Ross starts uncovering evidence of Bellows' illegal activities, exposing his corruption to the public through his articles.

Frustrated by Ross' relentless pursuit of the truth, Bellows decides to take drastic measures to silence him. He hatches a plan to frame Ross for manslaughter, fabricating evidence to make it seem like the reporter caused a deadly car accident intentionally. By doing this, Bellows hopes to discredit Ross and ruin his credibility, effectively silencing him from further investigation into his criminal activities.

With the assistance of several corrupt police officers and other influential figures in his pocket, Bellows orchestrates the car accident, making it appear as though Ross was responsible for the death of an innocent person. Ross is wrongfully arrested and charged with manslaughter, his reputation and career hanging by a thread.

In prison, Ross meets Joe Morgan, a tough and seasoned criminal who has been wrongly convicted himself. Morgan takes Ross under his wing, teaching him survival strategies and helping him adapt to the brutal prison environment. As Ross struggles to survive and maintain his sanity in this harsh new reality, he becomes determined to uncover the truth and expose Bellows' corruption once and for all.

Ross and Morgan form an unlikely bond as they work together to gather evidence that will prove Ross' innocence and unmask the true culprit behind the car accident. Their investigation leads them to uncover even more corruption within the justice system, tying Bellows to other scandalous activities.

Facing numerous obstacles and dangers, Ross must navigate the treacherous prison hierarchy, outsmart corrupt guards, and avoid being killed or framed for further crimes. All the while, Bellows grows increasingly desperate to prevent the truth from coming to light, using his influence to hinder Ross' efforts at every turn.

As the gripping story unfolds, Ross and Morgan's relentless pursuit of justice begins to attract attention from the outside world. They gain support from Ross' former colleagues in the journalism field, who dig deeper into Bellows' dealings, uncovering a web of lies and deceit that reaches far beyond what they ever imagined.

In a thrilling climax, Ross manages to gather enough evidence, with the help of his journalist allies, to expose Bellows' corruption and frame-up scheme. The truth is finally revealed, leading to Bellows' downfall and the exoneration of Ross, who emerges as a hero fighting for justice against all odds.

Each Dawn I Die is a gripping tale of corruption, betrayal, and the power of the truth. Ross' struggle against a powerful and scheming D.A. captivates viewers, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity.
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