Drama   United Arab Emirates,United States of America

Sure! In the film, Walter's use of the beaver hand puppet becomes more and more pervasive, leading to a split personality dynamic in which the puppet takes on a life of its own. While the beaver helps Walter regain some sense of control and connect with his family, it also causes him to become increasingly disconnected from reality.

Porter, struggling with his own inner demons and fearing that he may inherit his father's mental health issues, begins a relationship with classmate Norah (Jennifer Lawrence). As Walter's condition worsens, Porter becomes increasingly determined to escape the pervasive influence of the beaver and his father's deteriorating mental state.

As Walter's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and dangerous, his family and colleagues become increasingly concerned for his well-being. The film explores themes of mental illness, family dynamics, and the struggle for self-acceptance and understanding. Jodie Foster's character must confront her own fears and insecurities in order to help her husband and son through their respective crises.
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