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Sure! Here are some additional plot details:

1. Dave is initially infatuated with a popular girl named Jane, who is unattainable and uninterested in him. He often confides in his best friend, Simon, about his hopeless crush.

2. Aubrey, on the other hand, is in a somewhat stagnant relationship with her boyfriend, Ronny. Ronny is more focused on his own interests and doesn't fully support Aubrey's artistic aspirations.

3. Both Dave and Aubrey end up attending the same party, which they initially didn't plan on going to. They feel out of place among their respective friends and decide to take a break from the chaos, heading outside for some fresh air.

4. As they strike up a conversation, Dave and Aubrey immediately sense a connection. They discover that they share many deep thoughts and insecurities that they can't openly discuss with their friends.

5. Over the course of the weekend, Dave and Aubrey spend more time together and begin to fall in love. They have a series of magical moments, like exploring the city together, sharing personal stories, and encouraging each other's passions.

6. However, complications arise as they navigate the complexities of their own lives. Dave struggles with his loyalty to his long-time crush, Jane, while Aubrey grapples with the guilt of being in a relationship with Ronny.

7. As their romance grows, Dave and Aubrey face various obstacles and misunderstandings. Their friends also start noticing their feelings for each other, causing tensions and confrontations.

8. Throughout the movie, there are ups and downs in their relationship. They experience the excitement of newfound love, the fear of rejection, and the uncertainty of their future together.

9. Eventually, Dave must confront his feelings for Jane and make a decision about his priorities. Aubrey also faces a similar choice regarding her relationship with Ronny, ultimately questioning what she truly wants and needs.

10. In the end, Dave and Aubrey overcome their fears and insecurities to fully embrace their love. They choose to be together, even though it means stepping out of their comfort zones and facing the unknown.
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