Drama,Mystery,Horror   N/A

Without Name is a psychological thriller film that follows the story of Eric, a land surveyor, as he becomes increasingly obsessed with a mysterious presence in the woodland area where he is working. As Eric delves deeper into his surveying activities, he begins to realize that there is something otherworldly about the forest.

Despite the warnings of his wife, Olivia, and his colleague, Olivia's sister, Eric dismisses their concerns and immerses himself further into the project. As he spends more time in the forest, Eric starts to experience strange occurrences and encounters a recurring silhouette moving among the trees. The silhouette appears to be observing him, evoking feelings of paranoia and intrigue.

Driven by an escalating curiosity, Eric decides to investigate the mysterious presence in the woods. He seeks the help of Jess, a local woman who has a deep connection to the land and its supernatural attributes. Together, they explore the forest, uncovering unsettling secrets and discovering a hidden realm that defies logic and reason.

As Eric delves deeper into the forest's enigma, his grip on reality begins to unravel. Haunting visions, eerie sounds, and a growing sense of unease consume him. The line between Eric's perception of the world and the supernatural forces at play becomes blurred.

Without Name examines themes of man's relationship with nature, the limits of perception, and the thin line between sanity and madness. The film explores Eric's descent into obsession and psychological torment as he uncovers the chilling truth about the woods and the mysterious silhouette haunting his every move.
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