Comedy,Thriller   Germany,United Kingdom,Ireland,United States of America

In the movie Ordinary Decent Criminal, Michael Lynch is a charismatic but ruthless thief who runs a gang of criminals in Dublin, Ireland. He is known for his bold and audacious heists, always staying one step ahead of the police. Despite his criminal activities, Michael is seen as a Robin Hood figure in the community, as he often gives back to those in need.

However, things take a turn for Michael when his two wives, Christine and Jean, discover each other's existence. As tensions rise between the women, Michael finds himself in a precarious situation, trying to maintain control over both his personal and criminal life.

Meanwhile, the local police, led by Detective Noel Quigley, are determined to bring Michael to justice. They launch a relentless investigation into his criminal activities, using every resource at their disposal to finally catch him. As the pressure mounts, Michael must use all of his cunning and charm to outwit the authorities and continue his life of crime.

As the stakes get higher and the risks greater, Michael must make difficult choices that will ultimately determine his fate. Will he be able to evade capture and continue his life as a notorious criminal, or will he finally face the consequences of his actions?ordinary
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