TV Movie,Romance   Canada

Lila, a talented carousel mechanic, is hired by the Royal Family of Marcadia to repair the historic carousel situated on their palace grounds. When she arrives at the palace, Lila is surprised to find out that she will be working closely with the Prince, who is also an engineer and has a passion for restoring the carousel.

As Lila and the Prince work together to restore the carousel, they form a close bond and begin to develop romantic feelings for each other. However, they both come from very different worlds, and Lila is hesitant to pursue a relationship with someone as high-profile as the Prince.

As Christmas approaches, Lila and the Prince race against time to complete the carousel before the palace's annual Christmas celebration. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and challenges, but with determination and teamwork, they are able to overcome them and finish the project just in time.

Throughout their time working together, Lila and the Prince realize that they have more in common than they thought, and they ultimately find a way to bridge the gap between their different backgrounds. As the carousel is unveiled at the Christmas celebration, Lila and the Prince acknowledge their feelings for each other and find a way to be together despite the differences in their lives. A Christmas Carousel ends with a heartwarming and festive conclusion, as the couple celebrates the holiday season and their newfound love.
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