Drama   United States of America

The movie "Touching Home" follows the true story of the Miller brothers, Brad and Logan, who are determined to make it as professional baseball players despite their difficult relationship with their father, Charlie. The brothers are faced with their own personal struggles as they try to navigate the competitive world of baseball, all while dealing with their father's alcoholism and his inability to support them.

As the brothers continue to pursue their dreams, they are confronted with a series of challenges and setbacks, forcing them to confront their strained relationship with their father. Despite their father's shortcomings, the brothers must come to terms with their past and their feelings towards him in order to move forward in their careers.

Throughout the movie, the audience witnesses the emotional journey of the brothers as they try to make amends with their father while also striving to achieve their goals in the world of professional baseball. The story is a heartwarming and inspiring tale of forgiveness, perseverance, and the power of family bonds.
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