Crime,Action   South Korea

In the movie "The Roundup," Ma Seok-do, also known as the 'Beast Cop,' is a relentless and highly skilled detective from South Korea. He is assigned to a dangerous mission in a foreign country where he must extradite a suspect back to his homeland.

As Ma Seok-do arrives in the foreign country, he quickly realizes that there is more to this mission than initially meets the eye. He stumbles upon a series of additional murder cases that have gone unsolved for years. Intrigued by the mysterious circumstances surrounding these killings, Ma Seok-do decides to dig deeper.

During his investigation, Ma Seok-do encounters local law enforcement officers who seem uninterested or incapable of solving the murders. Frustrated by their lack of progress, he takes matters into his own hands, determined to catch the elusive killer and bring justice to the victims and their families.

As he delves deeper into the case, Ma Seok-do discovers a pattern: the killer specifically targets tourists that visit the country. This leads him to suspect that there may be a dark motive behind the crimes, possibly involving a larger criminal organization or an underground network.

Facing numerous challenges and obstacles, Ma Seok-do's pursuit of the killer intensifies. He faces danger at every turn as he unravels the truth, often putting his own life on the line. Along the way, he forms an unlikely partnership with a local journalist who believes in his cause and provides valuable information and support.

As the tension rises, Ma Seok-do closes in on the truth and the identity of the vicious killer. In a thrilling climax, he engages in a fierce and brutal showdown, determined to bring the murderer to justice and put an end to the reign of terror against tourists.

"The Roundup" is an action-packed and suspenseful film that explores themes of justice, perseverance, and the power of an individual dedicated to exposing the truth in the face of corruption and indifference.
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