Romance,Music,Drama   United States of America

Ziegfeld Girl follows the lives of the three women as they navigate the demands and challenges of being part of the Ziegfeld Follies, one of Broadway's most extravagant and famous revues.

As Susan rises to fame as a singer, she struggles with the guilt of leaving her father behind and worries about his well-being. Meanwhile, Sheila must decide between the attentions of a wealthy suitor and her loyal boyfriend from her old neighborhood, adding to the drama of her personal life.

Sandra's situation is complicated by her husband's disapproval of her career, as he is unwilling to let her showcase her talent in revealing costumes for the pleasure of an audience. As the women experience the glamour and excitement of the spotlight, they also face personal and emotional challenges that force them to confront their own values and desires.

Throughout the film, the women navigate their relationships and the pressure to maintain their success in the competitive world of show business. The movie highlights the sacrifices they must make and the difficult choices they face as they strive to achieve their dreams.
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