Romance,Comedy   Russia

In the movie "Lucky Trouble", Slava Kolotiloff is a schoolteacher from a small town called "Fingers". He travels to Moscow with the manuscript of his first novel, hoping to achieve success. However, he unexpectedly captures the heart of a beautiful woman named Nadia, portrayed by Milla Jovovich.

As their wedding day approaches, Slava intends to quit his job and settle all his affairs in "Fingers" before returning to Moscow to start a new life with Nadia. Unfortunately, a series of strange events occur, preventing him from leaving the town.

Back in Moscow, unaware of the challenges Slava is facing, the wedding preparations proceed. Nadia finds herself pursued by her persistent ex-boyfriend, Danya, who is determined to win her back at any cost. This adds tension and complications to the situation.

Slava desperately tries to overcome numerous obstacles and make it to Moscow in time for the wedding. Along the way, he encounters humorous and unpredictable circumstances that test his determination. Meanwhile, Nadia must navigate Danya's persistent advances while questioning her feelings and loyalty.

"Lucky Trouble" follows Slava's journey to overcome the obstacles and make it to Moscow to be with Nadia on their wedding day. The movie also explores the themes of love, perseverance, and the unpredictable nature of life.
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