Drama   United Kingdom

In the movie "Mum's List," Singe and Kate Greene are a loving couple living in North Somerset, England, with their two young sons. Their lives are shattered when Kate is diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Knowing that her time is limited, Kate decides to create a list of lessons and reminders for Singe to follow after her death, to guide him in raising their sons and living a fulfilling life.

As Kate's health deteriorates, Singe becomes her caregiver and tries his best to support her physically and emotionally. Throughout this challenging period, Kate's list serves as a guiding light for Singe, reminding him of the values, experiences, and lessons they shared as a family.

The film delves into their relationship through a series of flashbacks, showcasing their journey from young love to parenthood and the beautiful moments they shared together. As Singe reads and reflects on the list, he discovers the deep meaning and love behind each entry, guiding him in how to be the best father and husband he can be.

Kate's list is a compilation of simple yet profound life lessons, including the importance of family bonds, making memories, showing kindness to others, embracing adventure, and cherishing the beauty of everyday life. It acts as a roadmap for Singe to navigate through the challenges of grief while keeping Kate's spirit alive.

As Singe immerses himself in fulfilling his wife's wishes, he faces various obstacles and emotional struggles. However, with the support of his loved ones, including Kate's best friend and a compassionate nurse, Singe begins to find solace and strength in the lessons left behind by Kate.

"Mum's List" is a heartwarming and soul-stirring film that explores the power of love, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit. Through Kate's list, the movie inspires audiences to cherish their loved ones and live life to the fullest, even in the face of profound grief.
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