Action,Science Fiction,Horror   Japan

In "Godzilla Raids Again", the two monsters are revealed to be Godzilla and another prehistoric creature called Anguirus. The two monsters engage in a fierce battle, causing widespread destruction and chaos in Osaka. The pilots and the government desperately try to come up with a plan to stop the monsters and save the city.

As the battle rages on, it becomes clear that the only way to stop the monsters is to lure them to a remote island and trap them there. The pilots and military execute a daring plan to lure Godzilla and Anguirus to the island, where they are both ultimately trapped in a rockslide.

The movie ends with a sense of relief as the monsters are neutralized, but also with a lingering fear of what other prehistoric creatures may still be out there. The pilots and the government are left with the daunting task of finding a way to prevent future monster attacks and protect the citizens of Japan.
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