Action,Mystery,Science Fiction,Thriller   Mexico,United States of America

After being fired from his job, Zane Ziminski becomes obsessed with finding the origins of the mysterious extraterrestrial message he received. His search takes him deep into the world of astrophysics as he tries to decode the message and understand its meaning.

As he delves into his investigation, Zane starts to experience strange occurrences and encounters, making him question his own sanity. He begins to suspect that the government and various organizations are tracking his every move, trying to silence him and suppress the truth about the message.

Desperate for answers, Zane enlists the help of a former colleague, Dr. Ilana Green. Together, they uncover a larger conspiracy involving the existence of aliens and the government's efforts to keep it hidden. They soon realize that the message they received holds the key to preventing a catastrophic event that could potentially change the world as we know it.

As their search intensifies, Zane and Ilana find themselves involved in a dangerous cat and mouse game, pursued by mysterious agents who will stop at nothing to silence them. Along the way, they make unexpected alliances with unlikely allies, including a whistleblower from within the government, further fueling their determination to reveal the truth.

As the tension rises, Zane and Ilana's lives are threatened, forcing them to go on the run. With time running out, they race against the clock to decipher the message, unravel the conspiracy, and expose the truth to the world. In a climactic showdown, they must confront powerful forces that will do anything to ensure the message remains a secret.

In the end, Zane's obsession with finding the origins of the transmission pushes him beyond the limits of his own sanity. The film concludes with a thought-provoking twist, leaving the audience questioning the nature of reality and the existence of extraterrestrial life.
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