Science Fiction,Drama,Horror   United States of America

1. "Hero": In the story of Richie, viewers learn about his troubled childhood and abusive father. Richie, feeling trapped and terrified, finally snaps and shoots his father before fleeing the scene. The documentary explores the complex emotional landscape of a young boy pushed to his breaking point. As Richie flies away, his future is left uncertain.

2. "Horror": The scientist, driven by a desperate need for love and intimacy, creates the elixir of human sexuality. However, the elixir has unforeseen and horrific side effects, turning him into a violent and contagious killer. As the female colleague tries to help him, she puts herself in danger, becoming a victim of his uncontrollable and deadly urges.

3. "Homo": The prisoner at Fontenal prison is haunted by memories of a past trauma involving a fellow inmate from Baton juvenile institute. As the story unfolds through flashbacks, viewers witness the emotional and physical abuse suffered by the inmate at the hands of the prison guards. The prisoner grapples with his complicated feelings towards the inmate, torn between guilt for witnessing the abuse and a deep connection forged in their shared pain.
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