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Young People is a musical comedy film released in 1940, directed by Allan Dwan and starring Shirley Temple, Jack Oakie, and Charlotte Greenwood. The story follows the Ballantine family, a group of musical performers who travel the country as a vaudeville act. However, Wendy's parents decide to retire and settle down in a small town to give their daughter a normal life.

Unfortunately, the town is filled with suspicious and unwelcoming people who judge the Ballantines as outsiders and freaks. Wendy tries to fit in and make friends with the local kids, but they keep rejecting her because of her family's background. The only person who accepts her is David Norton, a newspaper reporter who is fascinated by her talent and personality.

As Wendy struggles to adjust to her new life, a big storm hits the town and damages the local theater. The Ballantines offer to save the day by performing their vaudeville show, and the town reluctantly agrees. However, things take a turn when the Ballantines' former manager, Mr. Grady, shows up and tries to lure them back to show biz. Wendy's parents are tempted by the offer, but Wendy convinces them that they're better off being a family and staying in the town.

In the end, the Ballantines win over the town with their performances and make new friends. Wendy and David develop a romantic interest in each other, and the family decides to stay in the town for good. The film features several musical numbers, including "Carnival", "People Like You And Me", and "We Should Be Together".
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