Drama,Music,Romance   United States of America

In the movie Krush Groove, Russell Walker, a young and ambitious manager, is facing the challenge of managing rap performers under the Krush Groove label, including iconic acts like Run-D.M.C. and The Fat Boys. As the movie progresses, Russell finds himself in a constant struggle to promote and finance his artists' careers in the competitive music industry.

When Run-D.M.C. produces a highly successful hit record, Russell realizes that he needs more money to press additional copies. Desperate for funds, he makes a careless decision to borrow money from a dangerous street hustler. However, Russell soon realizes that he has gotten himself into a much bigger problem than he initially anticipated.

As he continues to try and manage the rapid rise of his artists' success, Russell encounters numerous obstacles along the way. He faces challenges with record labels, rival managers, and internal conflicts within the Krush Groove crew. Amidst these struggles, Russell also finds himself torn between his ambition and the loyalty he owes to the artists he represents.

Things begin to spiral out of control for Russell, leading to an intense climax where he is forced to confront the consequences of his actions. However, with the support and unity of his artists and crew, Russell ultimately learns valuable lessons about loyalty, friendship, and the price of success in the music industry.

In the end, Russell must navigate the complexities of the music business, confront his mistakes, and find a way to rectify the situation he finds himself in. Krush Groove presents a compelling storyline that delves into the challenges faced by music managers and the relationships they form with their artists, offering an engaging narrative set against the backdrop of the vibrant rap scene of the 1980s.
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