Drama   United States of America

Lorenzo's Oil is a film based on the true story of the Odones, who refuse to accept the grim outlook for their son Lorenzo. The couple, played by Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte, take matters into their own hands and begin researching and experimenting with various combinations of oils and fatty acids. Their goal is to find a treatment that will slow down the progression of the disease and improve Lorenzo's quality of life.

As they continue their research, they face skepticism and resistance from the medical community. However, they persevere, and their efforts eventually lead to the development of a combination of oils that becomes known as "Lorenzo's Oil." The film depicts the Odones' struggle, both in dealing with Lorenzo's deteriorating condition and in battling the establishment to get their treatment recognized.

The movie culminates in a hopeful note as Lorenzo's condition stabilizes, and the Odone's efforts pave the way for further research into potential treatments for ALD. The film highlights the power of a parent's determination and the potential for groundbreaking discoveries to come from unconventional sources.
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