Drama   United States of America

Sure! In the movie Three Coins in the Fountain, Frances, Anita, and Maria are three American roommates living and working in Rome. After throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain and making a wish for the man of their dreams, they each embark on their own romantic adventures.

Frances, played by Dorothy McGuire, is a secretary at a government agency and harbors a secret crush on her smooth-talking novelist employer, played by Rossano Brazzi. She is determined to win his heart, despite the obstacles in their way.

Anita, portrayed by Jean Peters, is Frances' coworker and best friend. She defies office regulations by pursuing a romance with an Italian co-worker, played by Louis Jourdan, which causes tension and complications in their workplace.

Maria, played by Maggie McNamara, is a newcomer to Rome and quickly meets and falls in love with a real Italian Prince Charming, played by Clifton Webb. Their whirlwind romance tests Maria's resolve and leads to unexpected challenges.

As the women navigate their romantic entanglements, they face cultural differences, misunderstandings, and unexpected obstacles. The movie explores themes of love, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness in a foreign land.

In the end, the three women must make choices that will seal their romantic fate and determine the course of their lives. The movie's beautiful setting in Rome, along with its romantic storyline and engaging characters, make it a classic and beloved film.
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