Drama   United States of America

Advise & Consent is a 1962 political drama directed by Otto Preminger, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Allen Drury. The film centers around the nomination of Robert Leffingwell (played by Henry Fonda) as Secretary of State by the President of the United States.

As the Senate conducts an investigation into Leffingwell's background and qualifications, it comes to light that he had a communist past. This revelation sparks a heated political battle, with senators, lobbyists, and the press all getting involved in the debate.

As the nomination process unfolds, various personal and political tensions arise among the senators, with some facing ethical and moral dilemmas. The President's reputation is also at stake, as his support for Leffingwell raises questions about his judgment and motives.

The film delves into the complexities of power, morality, and the political process, as the characters navigate alliances, betrayals, and personal sacrifices. Ultimately, the film explores the consequences of political maneuvering and the impact of personal secrets on public life.
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