Drama,Comedy,Romance   N/A

After their initial meeting in the stuck lift, Tom and Eloise have a whirlwind romance that leads to a serious relationship. However, as time goes on, they begin to have more and more disagreements and their relationship becomes strained. Eloise gets a job offer in France and decides to move back home, leading to their eventual breakup.

As Eloise is about to board her flight back to France, Tom realizes that he still loves her and wants to win her back. He races through the streets of London to find her before she leaves, desperately trying to convince her to give their relationship another chance. As the clock ticks down, Tom pours his heart out to Eloise, expressing his love and dedication to making their relationship work.

In the end, Eloise is moved by Tom's sincerity and passion, and she decides to give their relationship another chance. The two reconcile and make plans to start fresh, this time with a renewed commitment to communication and understanding. The movie ends with Tom and Eloise sharing a loving embrace as they look forward to the future together.
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