Comedy,Drama   United Kingdom

In "Raining Stones," Bob is a devout Catholic living in the town of Manchester in England. He is determined to provide a perfect First Communion celebration for his daughter, which includes getting her the perfect dress. However, he and his wife, Anne, are struggling financially, and despite their best efforts, they cannot afford to buy the expensive dress.

Bob becomes increasingly desperate and turns to various schemes to make money, including selling stolen goods and borrowing from a loan shark. His determination to provide for his family leads him down a dangerous path, and he becomes involved in criminal activities in order to make ends meet.

As Bob's actions become more reckless, his family life begins to unravel. Anne becomes increasingly worried about Bob's behavior, and his relationship with his daughter becomes strained. Despite his best intentions, Bob's actions have far-reaching consequences that threaten his family and his own well-being.

The film is a poignant exploration of the lengths a father is willing to go to in order to provide for his family, as well as the toll his actions take on his loved ones. It also examines the complexities of faith, morality, and the struggles of working-class families in a society that offers little support. "Raining Stones" is a powerful and emotional film that delves into the sacrifices and challenges faced by those trying to make a better life for their families.
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